What could possibly go wrong? Wifi edition

Over the last few months, we’ve been working with our friends at F-Secure and Future Intelligence’s editor Peter Warren on a little special something. We wanted to answer a very simple question regarding the use of wifi hotspots:

What could possibly go wrong?

As many of our customers know, that’s rarely a good question to ask us, but F-Secure asked it and we felt compelled to dive down the rabbit hole to find the answer. Of course, F-Secure wanted to make this all a bit more interesting, so instead of setting up various demo systems to illustrate how bad things can really be, they gave us three willing subjects for our experiment, and a film crew.

At the same time as all this was being filmed we also did some internal training on wifi testing. We thought we’d combine the two and teach our customers how attackers steal secrets from wifi networks and users, and how to secure your wireless networks and devices. Would you like to know more?

Over the next few weeks we’re going to release videos showing how we hacked our targets, the tools and techniques we used and what you can do to defend against them. We’re also going to show you how cybercriminals can compromise wireless networks using only freely available software and how to defend your wireless network.

While we’re doing all of this we’re also providing a special Wireless Security Audit package. If you feel a little insecure about your wireless network, contact us for details of how we can provide a cost-effective Wireless Security Audit.

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