The Great Politician Hack: Behind the scenes

A while back, our friends at F-Secure and Future Intelligence’s hacked 3 different politicans at each major level of government in the UK to show how hackers can exploit basic flaws in open wireless hotspots. We deliberately chose attacks that were publicly known and were easy to implement. After an interesting and lively debate with our solicitors, we’re now happy to release our ‘how we done it’ videos. An obligatory legal statement now follows:

Don’t hack peoples’ wifi, or their devices connected to wifi. Hacking peoples’ wifi is not only bad, but unlawful and could see you put in prison. We’re showing you how it all worked so you can see that there’s no secret sauce in what we did, not for you to go off hacking people. These videos are for educational purposes only, and we do not promote criminal activity. Instead of hacking peoples’ wifi, why not go secure yourself with a VPN?

In the video above, I walk through several different tools that we used to passively listen to Lord Strasburger’s communications in a London hotel. If you enjoy the video, join us next time where we’ll show you how we broke into Mary Honeyball’s Facebook. If you don’t already have one, maybe it’s time you got a VPN service.

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