5 Top Tips: Selecting a Partner for Your Mandatory ITHC

Public Services NetworkMandalorian are recognised experts in the Local Government space having delivered IT Health Checks under both CoCo and PSN frameworks since 2010 all over the Country. Following a recent update from the Cabinet Office on the guidance surrounding IT Health Check’s for GCSx CoCo (Code of Connection) compliance1, here’s our checklist to help guide you through the process of selecting a partner for your mandatory ITHC:

1. Make sure your testing partner has the right credentials

In order to provide an ITHC, your testing partner must carry CHECK, CREST, or TigerScheme credentials. Mandalorian are TigerScheme certified.

2. Ensure external testing is scoped accurately

This includes all Internet facing systems. Firewalls, web servers, e-mail servers etc are to be included in the scope. Additionally, any 3rd party suppliers who have access to your network should be included within the scope.

3. Ensure internal testing is scoped accurately

This includes a wireless configuration review, laptop/mobile build review, internal gateway reviews, and desktop/server build and configuration review. It’s important to note here that a sample 10% of the environment can be tested manually, although the entire environment needs to be scanned using automated tools.

4. Check sample reports

All authorities look to get the test carried out to coincide with their CoCo renewal date. Make sure you approach your testing partner 3 months in advance, to ensure you can get the work carried out when you require it to be done.

If you would like to discuss these tips in further detail or talk to us about your next IT Health Check for GCSx CoCo (Code of Connection) Compliance, please drop us an email or ring one of the team on 01256 830146.

1: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/it-health-check-ithc-supporting-guidance/it-health-check-ithc-supporting-guidance

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