While most security managers are aware of the risks surrounding 802.11 WiFi few are aware of the problems surrounding bluetooth that may affect them. In an increasingly mobile world, more devices are shipping with bluetooth enabled by default. In many cases devices such as headsets, printers and Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) not to mention tablets and mobile phones ship with a host of insecure bluetooth settings. Mandalorian’s Bluetooth Security Testing service provides a detailed breakdown of bluetooth security on your site.

The Mandalorian Approach

Following an initial scoping meeting or call, we provide a fully scoped quote for your Bluetooth Security Test. Our consultants will perform the work in accordance with the agreed scope. Once the test is complete, our consultants produce a report with a high level executive summary, detailed technical section and appendices for any relevant observations requiring further detail.

Typical Findings

As well as the traditional mobile phone, tablet or laptop being bluetooth enabled there are other devices where you might not expect an active bluetooth service enabled by default. While the attack surface of these devices vary, the following findings are surprisingly common:

  • Full access via Default or hard coded PIN
  • Unauthenticated RFCOMM or SDP backdoor
  • Unauthenticated OBEX access
  • L2CAP socket flooding Denial of Service
  • Arbitrary code execution
  • Network mapping via indirect object access

Why Choose Mandalorian?

There are many reasons to choose us. Aside from our extensive experience in dealing with embedded systems security and bluetooth security, we’re committed to providing the level of support needed to help bluetooth implementers through the changes that could be needed to deliver a device to market. At the same time we provide incredible support to customers who have implemented bluetooth devices on their estates. To keep costs down we can conduct a preliminary bluetooth sweep during an 802.11 Wireless Security Testing assignment, passing cost savings on to you, our customer in the process.

Next Steps

Call us now on 01256 830 146 or give us a few details about when your next health check is due and how we can help and we’ll get back to you asap.