Many Local Authorities are now in the process of, or have completed, moves to the Public Services Network (PSN) in order to provide joined up Local Government IT and access to other services including the PNN, CJX, CJSM and NHS. As part of the mandatory Information Assurance process, Local Authorities are required to have an annual IT Health Check. As many authorities have embraced e-commerce, a number of Local Authorities also require compliance testing under PCI DSS. Through our partners Westpoint we’re also able to offer regular PCI DSS ASV scanning on a quarterly or monthly basis.

Our Approach

From the moment contact is made our consultants are available to assist in scoping your engagement. We’ll make sure that we deliver a quote that maximises value at minimum cost with options for any extra services you feel may be of interest.

Our consultants perform the work in accordance with the agreed scope. This could include Internet-facing penetration testing, on-site penetration testing of your internal network, wireless security testing, annual PCI DSS compliance testing, firewall ruleset review, or whichever combination of our expert services suit the scope best.

Once testing has finished a report is produced providing an executive summary for management and a detailed technical section containing descriptions of issues identified and recommendations for addressing them. An optional wash-up conference call can be arranged as part of the service.

What We Typically Cover

Each GCSx/PSN CoCo IT Health Check is different, as each Local Authority has different technologies and different needs. We often conduct the following activities as part of a GCSx/PSN CoCo IT Health Check:

Why Choose Mandalorian?

We’ve been working with Local Government for years, since GCSx first came on-line. With Tiger Scheme and CREST certified testers, we meet all the procurement requirements necessary for your annual health check from CoCo to annual PCI testing. While we aren’t necessarily going to be the lowest cost option, we will provide you with the best possible value. That’s why, for three years in a row, more Kent-based Local Authorities chose us for their annual CoCo health check than any other provider.

Next Steps

Call us now on 01256 830 146 or give us a few details about when your next health check is due and how we can help and we’ll get back to you asap.