Internet Facing Penetration Testing is a term that describes a range of services focused on Internet-facing perimiter-based threats and vulnerabilities. Our consultants use automated tools where appropriate to save time and augment a manual approach to testing. Internet facing penetration testing refers to penetration tests targeting systems hosted on public addresses from across the Internet.

The Mandalorian Approach

As with Internal Penetration Testing, we provide a fully scoped quote for your Penetration Test following an initial scoping meeting or call. Our consultants perform the work in accordance with the agreed scope. Once testing is complete, our consultants will produce a report with a high level executive summary, detailed technical section and appendices for any relevant observations requiring further detail.

Typical Findings

While every test is different, the following vulnerabilities are commonly identified on Internet facing penetration tests:

  • Sensitive information leakage
  • Open or poorly protected administrative interfaces
  • Vulnerabilities arising from a lack of patching
  • Application layer weaknesses accessible by unauthenticated users
  • Weak passwords
  • Insecurely configured services

Why Choose Mandalorian?

Internet facing penetration testing is an activity conducted by companies around the world. Our customers choose us because of our incredible support, our technical know-how and our commitment to giving you the best value possible. We aim to be the easiest supplier you’ve ever worked with, and because we only charge for consultant time on Internet facing penetration tests you’re never charged for time taken by automated tools.

Next Steps

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